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How to sell

Please contact us and tell us about the item you are interested in selling. If the item is suitable for auction here at Zorrilla, we will offer you an estimate of its value and inform you of possible auction dates and our commission structure.


In all cases, a starting price and estimated market value will be set and this information will be posted on our website to become available to potential buyers.


The seller’s commission rate for the services we provide is calculated for each item as a fixed percentage based on the eventual hammer price obtained at auction.


Once you have chosen to present your item(s) at one of our auctions, we will assist you in getting the item(s) to our showroom. Additionally, we will coordinate each part of the preparatory auction process, from cataloguing the ite, to displaying it to potential buyers


On the day of the auction, you can follow the selling process of your item by either visiting our shop or by following us online, through the LiveAuctioneers or Invaluable platforms.


If your item is sold at our auction, we will send you all the necessary information regarding the sale of your item within ten days. We will contact you to tell you the price your item was sold for and the net income you will recieve after our commision rate.


Zorrilla Auctions will act on your behalf to secure payment from the buyer. Provided that we have received full payment for your item, you will recieve a settlement statement for the sale. The means of payment depends on the customer’s preferences.


In the event that your item has not found a buyer, we will contact you to evaluate the
possibility of re-selling it at auction or to coordinate its return.
If you prefer, we can also help you arrange a private sale outside the auction calendar,
negotiating with our customers at a pace that suits your needs.